LUGGAGE (you ride your bike, we move your bag!)

Luggage Transport Service

La Vuelta’s luggage trucks will carry ONE piece of luggage per registered cyclist during the event. Each bag must be no larger than standard “airline carry-on” size and weigh no more than 30 pounds. Cyclists must label their luggage with their name, a contact telephone number and the name of their hotel in each of the destination cities. Cyclists will drop off their luggage in a designated location in their affiliated hotel at the start of each day. Luggage will only be collected from hotels that are affiliated to La Vuelta Puerto Rico. A complete list of participating hotels is available in the hotel section.


Luggage will be delivered to the hotels well before cyclists arrive at the destination city. You will be unable to access your bag while riding, so please plan accordingly. At the conclusion of La Vuelta Puerto Rico, all luggage will be delivered ONLY to the affiliated hotels. Luggage will NOT be delivered to the finish line under any circumstance. If you have selected an affiliated hotel as the final destination for your luggage, it will be delivered by our crew and if you don't, it will be delivered to the designated headquarter hotel. Please see the baggage handling policy for details.