Registration Policy

We are under the assumption that anyone who registers for this event is registering himself or herself. Registering others is against our rules. As part of the registration process, the registrant electronically signs a waiver accepting our rules... (read more)

Check-In/Jersey Pick-Up Policy & Procedure

Participants must pick up jersey in person. We will not hand out a jersey to third parties, even if they provide a signed letter from another participant... (read more)

Cancellation Policy

Due to past experiences, our cancellation policy is... (read more)

Rules & Regulations

Riders are expected to read all ride rules and regulations prior to the event... (read more)

Handlebar Policy

Due to the peloton riding dynamic and distinct terrain experienced in this event, aerobars pose a safety hazard to all riders and are strictly forbidden in this event... (read more)

Environmental Policy

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, and our goal is to keep it that way. This year we will continue to reduce the amount of garbage we generate. We also ask that riders help keep rest areas clean by putting garbage in its proper place... (read more)

Baggage Handling Policy

Cyclists must label their bags with their name, contact information and affiliated hotel information in each destination city... (read more)

Limited Participation Policy

Registration for limited participation (one or two days only) is not available. La Vuelta Puerto Rico is a three (3) day cycling event. When a participant registers for the event... (read more)

Wristband & Bib Number Policy

All registered riders are required to wear, at all times, the official wristband and bib number (matching with helmet and bike)... (read more)