Installment Plan


Managed and powered by, Vuelta Puerto Rico offers an installment plan that works in a very simple manner. For 2023, you pay 20% upon registration and the registration platform will automatically debit the difference in equal payments through February 1, roughly every two weeks. The last installment will be February 1.

How does it work?

Here is an example if you sign up in December;
Sigup Fee : $600.00
Initial Pmt. : $120.00 (20%)
Balance : $480.00 (80%)
Installments until February 1: four (4)
Monthly Debits : $120 every two weeks

It's. That. Simple.

Please note that the registration fee increases the first of every month and billing is dependent upon the registration cost the day that you register. Also, the previous example does not include taxes, fees or others which are added by ACTIVE at the end depending on the fee.