We are proud to present the jersey for La Vuelta Puerto Rico 2019! The concept of this jersey is the idea of the rebirth and the resurgence of our island after a very difficult period. As everyone knows, we were hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

The Puerto Rican flag can be seen dividing the jersey into two distinct events. The top section represents the present and rebirth while the bottom section is a reminder of the past devastation.

The darker portion of the jersey has a grayish image of harsh winds beating our palm trees, illustrating the catastrophic effects that we were subjected to, and the power of the forces of nature.

The upper image, starting with the star in our flag, depicts Puerto Rico's rebirth. Illustrations of new leaves and blooming Maga flowers unite with the coquí and the bright, dawning sun to embody the character of our island.

The representation of the sun is essential because it symbolizes the morning and the resurgence of la isla and of La Vuelta Puerto Rico. Along our flag you can see images of pelotons of cyclists which is what makes our event so unique and special.

This 2019 edition will be significant and extraordinary for all of us involved and those who wear this jersey, will no doubt have a story to tell. 

Jersey Specifics

Our jersey is 100% polyester, male/female specific, club fit, full color sublimation, full zippered with three pockets at the rear with the added feature of 3M reflective material that will make you visible to others from far away. For the past seven years, the jersey has been manufactured exclusively by DubyaEm Cycling Wear for La Vuelta Puerto Rico.

Special Orders

  • Men who order jersey sizes 2XS, XS, 3XL and 4XL are considered special orders.
  • Women who order jersey sizes 2XS and 2XL are considered special orders.
  • Special orders cannot be changed after they are manufactured.
  • Manufacture date: January 15.
  • If you sign up after January 15, it may be a challenge for us to fill up your special order, however, the jersey will be mailed to you, if it's not ready for the event, as soon as it arrives