What's Included


ONE Unique Experience

We will keep this one short! If you are looking for the experience of riding in...

♦ a peloton for 375 miles
♦ for 3 days
♦ NOW ... during the month of February!
♦ in the tropics
♦ fully serviced
♦ divided into three pelotons at different average speeds (16, 18 or 20 mph avg.)
♦ surrounded by 400-600 equally enthusiastic riders from over 30 countries from around the world
♦ providing you a unique non racing pro-like experience
♦ look no further

Sign up now because among other things, this is what we offer! In addition, we are kicking in the following:

Vuelta Puerto Rico Official Jersey

Male and female specific. Jerseys, bibs and pants are manufactured by our own brand (DubyaEm Cycling Wear) now on our sixth year. Please use the chart below as reference when ordering your jersey. Pants run standard like other pants in the industry. Additional jerseys and other items will be available in our Online Shop or at the onsite merchandise store. For more information on this years jersey, visit the Jersey section HERE.

Bib, Bike, Helmet Numbers & Wristband

To keep everyone identified, we will provide these stick-on numbers, which you must use as part of the rules of the event. Bib numbers should be worn on the rear three-pocket area of your jersey at all times. The helmet number must be visible and the wristband should be worn all three days.

Commemorative Medal

All participants receive an awesome participation medal after completing the 375 miles. Since 2017, our medals are now handmade from a local artist from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

3 Breakfasts

Expect a full breakfast with all the other goodies of a typical rest stop. For participating riders only and those that sign up on the "DeTour".  This year we will have breakfast stops Fajardo, Lajas, and Aguada. (vegetarian sensitive - meats, dairy, eggs, honey, cheese, etc are kept separately)

3 Lunches

This daily hearty lunch will keep you happy for the miles ahead. Expect a full lunch with all the other goodies of a typical rest stop. For participating riders only and those that sign up on the "DeTour". This year we will be stopping for lunch at the Punta Tuna Lighthouse in Maunabo, the Flag Pavilion in Mayagüez and in Arecibo, near the Christopher Columbus statue. (vegetarian sensitive - meats, dairy, eggs, honey, cheese, etc are kept separately)

1 Dinner (Closing Ceremony)

A full dinner pasta party will be served Day 3 upon arrival at the finish line. This buffet dinner is scheduled to take place at the Paseo Jardín of Ballajá in Old San Juan at around 5:00 pm, literally in front of the El Morro Fort. (vegetarian sensitive - meats, dairy, eggs, honey, cheese, etc are kept separately)

Additional Rest Stops

Spread out more or less every 25 miles, these stops are fully loaded with fruit, hydration, snacks, mechanics, and other convenient services. For participating riders only. These are expected to take place in Río Grande, Naguabo, Yabucoa, Salinas, Boquerón in Cabo Rojo, Isabela, Hatillo, HYATT Place in Manatí, and the Watermill at Dorado Beach.


Luggage to Affiliated Hotels

Enjoy riding your bike while we deliver your luggage from San Juan to Ponce, from Ponce to Mayagüez/Rincón and from Mayagüez/Rincón back to San Juan! Make sure you reserve a room in one of our affiliated hotels in order to secure this service. We only deliver to affiliated hotels. For additional information on the subject of luggage please visit the Luggage tab in the Travel section.

Municipal Police Escort - they do fantastic!

Feel as if you are in a Pro Tour! The Municipal Police Departments of every coastal town in Puerto Rico annually coordinate with us to iron out their presence at main intersections and traffic lights to ensure the safe and efficient passage of the peloton. Green lights FOREVER? Although there is no guarantee that all traffic lights and stop signs are manned, these agents have done a wonderful job in the past. As usual, the Puerto Rico Police Department always makes itself available to help their municipal counterparts, thus providing our event that "pro-tour" feeling. Inasmuch as there is no guarantee of this service, they have always been around since 2006. 

Support & Gear Vehicles/Emergency Medical Services

We obviously do not want you in our SAG (support and gear) vehicles, but if you end up in one, you will be treated as royalty. Depending on the need, pelotons may have at their disposal passenger and bike storage vans with around 10 crew people that have been with us, most for over 10 years. On the medical end, count on professional medical and technical support along the entire route. First Response Emergency Medical Services (FREMS) and their staff including Emergency Medical Technicians and Registered Nurses are always with us in case of an emergency. These are all available 24/7 from Day 1 5:00 AM to Day 3 until around  6:00 PM during the event all under the coordination of our Board Certified Medical Director, Fernando E. Roura-Rizzo, MD. A hotline phone number is provided to every registered rider for them to call 24/7 in case they need it. 

Mechanical Support

Lead by bike shop collaborators, this experienced mechanical support has proven to be essential throughout the years. Our in-house mechanical staff will also be positioned at the check-in and at the Headquarter Hotels in Ponce, Mayagüez and Rincón just in time to wash your bikes for a fee and get them ready for the next day. These also provide pre-event services in your hotels and in some cases coordinate to pick up the bikes straight from the airport. If you are interested in a particular service, please contact us HERE and we will be happy to connect you!


In the event that you suffer from any ailment during the event, our in-house Medical Director, Emergency Medical Technicians and other medical related staff will coordinate with our own ambulance service in case it is needed in any town. This ambulance service will be available to us 24/7 during the event without the need of having to call a government agency or another private ambulance company.