Hotels in Mayagüez

HOTELS IN MAYAGÜEZ (...affiliated hotels in the west)

In the City of Mayagüez, luggage pick-up and drop off on Day II & III will be provided to the affiliated hotels listed on this page. Otherwise, you are to deliver your luggage to our trucks on the start line. VUELTA PUERTO RICO STARTS in Mayagüez in front of all the affiliated hotels at the specified time according to your peloton and as described in Schedule and Events. If you are staying in another location, remember to arrange luggage drop off to one of the hotels listed on this page. The following information applies to all hotels on this page:

♦ Recommended Date: February 19th. (Monday night)
♦ Rooms Blocked Until: February, unless specified otherwise
All rates based on double occupancy plus applicable taxes, unless noted otherwise
♦ Group Name: Vuelta Puerto Rico

Holiday Inn Mayagüez & Tropical Casino
(Headquarters Hotel)

Map Location Click: HERE
2701 Hostos Ave, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00682
Rates Starting at:
  $145.00 based on double occupancy plus applicable taxes
Group Code: LVP<-- click here for online reservation!
Phone: 787.833.1100, Ext. 6109, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm local time
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, open 24 hours.
Special Instructions: All reservations must be guaranteed with credit card. Reservations must be booked through the hotel directly or online via the provided link on this page. 
Effective: Immediately.