Hotels in Rincón

HOTELS IN RINCÓN (...more affiliated hotels in the West)

In the Town of Rincón, luggage pick-up and drop off on Day II & III will be provided to the affiliated hotels listed on this page. Otherwise, you are to deliver your luggage to  our trucks on the start line. VUELTA PUERTO RICO STARTS in Mayagüez in front of all the hotels at the specified time according to your peloton and as described in Schedule and Events. If you are staying in another location within Rincón, remember to arrange luggage drop off to one of the hotels listed on this page. The following information applies to all hotels on this page:

♦ Recommended Date: February 20th. (Monday night)
♦ Rooms Blocked Until: December 15, unless specified otherwise
All rates based on double occupancy plus applicable taxes, unless noted otherwise
♦ Group Name: Vuelta Puerto Rico

Special Time:

If you choose to stay at one of our participating RINCÓN hotels, you will need to ride another 15 miles on day two. Riders staying at Rincón hotels will ride neutral at 16 mph from Mayagüez starting at the time described in Schedule & Events. Every effort will be made to arrive at around 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm, just in time for Check-In!

Rincón Inn, (1.0 mile south from the Rincón Town Square)

Map Location Click: HERE
Address: Road 115 Km 11.6, Rincon, Puerto Rico, 00677
Starting at:
$105.00-$115.00 double occupancy plus applicable taxes
Economy Room: N/A small room no window, 1 queen bed, 2 people maximum
Economy Room Plus: N/A small room with window, 1 queen bed, 2 people maximum
Single Room:
 N/A 1 queen bed, 2 people maximum
Suite Room: CALL 1 queen bed and full sized futon, 4 people maximum (4 available)
Double Room: CALL 2 queen beds, 4 people maximum (3 available)
Phone: 787.589.7123

Business Hours: Open 24 hours a day.
Special Instructions: All room are equipped with air conditioning, cable tv, microwave, coffee machine and a small refrigerator. This hotel is located facing State Road Number 115. Wait for your peloton and simply jump in as it goes by! It's that convenient! The facility includes a new large pool, lounge chairs, BBQ grilling area, and free WiFi in public areas. Free private parking available 24 hrs a day.
Effective: August 2022, reviewed December 2022


We tried to get room rates for the hotels listed below but they all require a two-nights minimum stay. As the date of the event approaches, you may be able to get a one-night stay in these hotels. These are:

Rincón Beach Resort, Añasco, Puerto Rico - requires 2-day minimum, try calling them a few days before the event starts.
Rincón of the Seas, Rincón, Puerto Rico - requires 2-day minimum, try calling them a few days before the event starts.
Villa Cofresí Hotel, Rincón, Puerto Rico - requires 2-day minimum, try calling them a few days before the event starts.

If you do get a room in one of these hotels, your luggage will be delivered to the Rincon host hotel listed above. You will need to call a taxi/Über to take you, your bike and your luggage.