Baggage Handling Policy


At check-in, riders will be provided a baggage tag with their bib number, their name and cell phone number. These tags will also provide a space to fill in a hotel name where we will deliver your luggage. Failing to fill this luggage tag properly will land your bag at the headquarter hotel in Ponce or in Mayagüez. It will be the responsibility of the rider to mark the tag. Bags will only be dropped off at participating La Vuelta Puerto Rico hotels and on the very last day, all luggage will be dropped off at the location where the tour ends unless you have chosen one of our affiliated hotels in San Juan as well. We remind you that we will not carry bike boxes, extra wheels or any luggage larger than a carry-on piece accepted as a standard in the airline industry. On the other hand;

  • Bike boxes must remain in the location or hotel of your choice, in San Juan.
  • Hotels affiliated with La Vuelta Puerto Rico will store your bike boxes at no additional cost.


It is the sole responsibility of the rider to mark his/her luggage correctly in order for us to deliver to the proper hotel. Failing to do so could entail a $25 fee to move incorrectly marked luggage from one hotel to another within the same town. If your luggage is left behind in another town for any reason not related to our crew, a $50 fee could be charged for us to pick it up and deliver it to you. A perfect example of the latter is leaving luggage in a hotel that is not affiliated to our event, meaning, we don't do pick-ups in that hotel. If we have to return to that hotel for a pick-up, a $50 fee will be charged to your credit card before we agree to pick it up. To avoid this expense, the rider could choose to have an Über of taxi go for the pick up.