Rules and Regulations


♦ Each rider must be at least 18 years of age on the day the event starts.
♦ Each rider must use a helmet at all times in accordance with the Law.
♦ Each rider must be in excellent physical condition and have medical insurance.
♦ Each rider's bike must be in excellent operating condition.
♦ Entry is by pre-registration only. On the day of the event, we will not process registrations.
♦ Each rider must choose riding in one of the established pelotons. Peloton "A" usually consists of elite fast riders and/or racers interested in riding the event on their own, as part of a self guided peloton led by at least one assigned Road Captains. This peloton usually rides at 28-33 mph all day. Peloton "B" will consist of guided riders that will be pacing at an average speed of 18 mph (17-25 mph all day) led by Road Captains. Peloton "C" will consist of a guided group that will pace at an average speed of 16 mph also led by Road Captains. This group rides at speeds from 15-22 mph all day. Each group will be released daily at the times posted and/or announced in the Schedule and Events section of the website. Once a participant joins a particular group, he/she will find it difficult and/or impossible to jump ahead to the faster paced peloton. However, a fast-paced cyclist may choose to ride slower until reached by the peloton behind.
♦ Each rider must comply with lighting requirements and reflective material rules for riding at early morning, evening, dusk or night during the event.
♦ Each bike must be equipped with superior headlights and taillights. Event organizers recommend a dual headlight system, with 6-volt battery, several spare batteries, and a solid red taillight. LED lights are acceptable.
♦ For lights requiring AA batteries or smaller, the rider must carry a spare set and may be required to display them at bike inspection the morning of departure. Lights requiring rechargeable batteries are also acceptable.
♦ Reflective vest or reflective sash and/or ankle bands are mandatory during early morning, evening, dusk or night hours.
♦ Family members or friends who intend to follow the event are encouraged to take alternate routes to all event stops. All vehicles must adhere to these alternate routes to avoid excess traffic in the smaller narrow roads of the event. Support crew may not ride bikes along the path of the event with the rest of the riders.
♦ The event must be completed on schedule as announced by the organizers. Any rider stranded from peloton C will be required to leapfrog the group in one of the support vehicles in order to avoid delaying services to the rest of the participants.
♦ The course is officially closed at  6:00 PM on Day I and Day III. Registered riders will not be allowed to ride on the route after 6:00 PM. The course on Day II is officially closed at 3:00 PM.
♦ The use of iPods is prohibited and cell phones is strongly discouraged unless it is used via Bluetooth wireless technology. Headphones are not allowed. These cannot be connected to cellphones, iPods or mp3s.
♦ If a rider abandons the event, he/she is responsible for notifying the event staff. The use of our SAG wagons is strongly encouraged for these riders.
Registered riders are required to use their bib, bike and helmet numbers at all times in addition to the wristband.
♦ Riders are required to wear the Official Vuelta Puerto Rico Jersey on the last day of the event.
♦ It is the sole responsibility of the rider to mark their luggage correctly in order for us to deliver to the proper hotel. If the event crew has to return to a town to pick up luggage, fees may apply. Please refer to the luggage tab in the travel section of the website for additional details.
♦ Any rider, crew person, Road Captain or volunteer who participates in any kind of aggression, (physical, verbal or any form) against anyone while the event unfolds, will be banned for life from ever participating, working or volunteering in our event. The Event Director reserves the right to call law enforcement officials and at a minimum encourage the affected party to press charges for assault. No exceptions.
♦ Drinking alcoholic beverages during the event is discouraged. Event Crew, Road Captains and volunteers observed drinking alcohol during the event, will not be allowed to continue and will be asked to use our Support and Gear vehicles. Any member of the staff including Road Captains that violates this rule will not be allowed to serve as staff or Road Captain in the future.
♦ The Event Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation, of the event. The Event Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is no “appeals committee” nor an “appeals process.” All entrants in the event, and their support crews and/or family members or friends, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other event rules, by attending the event in any capacity.