Registration Policy


Vuelta Puerto Rico requires that each participant registers himself/herself individually. Registering others is against our rules. As part of the registration process, the registrant electronically signs a waiver accepting our rules.

Additional Information:

When you complete the registration process, you will have already picked your jersey size. On the issue of the jersey... we will place the jersey order December 15th and your jersey size is guaranteed. If you signed up after this date (provided that there are spaces available), chances are you will also get your preferred jersey size, however, be aware that we have no way of knowing weeks before the event (when we actually place the order to manufacture the jerseys), what the sizes of the future registering participants will be. Having said this, we will make every effort possible to fill up your order but be aware that there is no guarantee. Please refer to the Jersey tab for more information related to 'special orders'. Sign up before December 15th and get your jersey size!