Check-In/Jersey Pick-Up Policy & Procedure


Participants must pick up jersey in person. We will not hand out a jersey to third parties, even if they provide a signed letter from another participant. Affidavits are not accepted.


♦ Identify yourself showing a legally valid PHOTO ID (Driver's License or Passport).
♦ Sign a personalized waiver that will be handed to you by our staff upon identification.
♦ We will confirm with you the information that you provided us when you registered online.
♦ We will provide you with the jersey size you requested when you signed up.
♦ We will provide you with a unique helmet, bike and bib number which you must use at all times during the event.
♦ We will hand you a wristband that you are required to use during the event. (no exceptions)

No Shows:

It is important that our riders understand that the jersey indicates that you are an officially registered participant of the event and therefore only those who physically show up will in effect receive the jersey. No shows will receive their jerseys via mail after the event.